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Manual Right To Work Checks

Manual Right To Work Checks

Step 1 Obtain the original documents from either List A or List B

Step 2 Check the documents are genuine and that the appearance on the document is consistent with the physical appearance, any permissions to work are still valid, check any restrictions, documents appear genuine. Check in the presence of the document holder.

Step 3 Copy – a clear copy of each document with a record of when the check was made and store it so that it cannot be altered (scanned, photocopy version).

Retain passport pages with the expiry date, photograph, nationality, date of birth, signature, expiry date, biometric details and visa details and other documents in full BRP both sides or Residence Card.


List A
Passport – British, citizen of UK & Colonies with Right of Abode
Passport – EEA or Switzerland
Registration Certificate of Permanent Resident document issued to a national of EEA or Switzerland
Permanent resident document to EEA/Switzerland family member
BRP confirming Indefinite Leave in the United Kingdom
Current Immigration status document with NI number
Long or short birth certificate or adoption certificate issued in the United Kingdom with National Insurance number
Birth certified issued in Channel Islands with National Insurance Number
Certificate of Registration of Naturalisation as a British citizen with a National Insurance Number

LIST B – Group 1
Current Passport and BRP to show stay in the United Kingdom
Current BRP
Current Residence Card issued to EEA Family/Swiss National
Current Immigration Status Document containing photo with work endorsement number

LIST B – Group 2
Certificate of Application issued to a family member EEA/Swiss National less than 6 months with a Positive Verification Notice from Employer Checking Service

Online Right To Work Checks

Since 28th January 2019, an online right to work check will provide Employers with a statutory excuse/defence against a civil penalty in the event of illegal working.

Online checks can only be conducted if the Applicant has the following:-

status under the EU Settlement Scheme

Biometric Residence Permit or

Biometric Residence Card

The check is conducted via an online service on using the Applicant’s share code that employers will need to be provided by the Applicant.

The Home Office has an audit record of online checks conducted by Employer using the service.

Step 1: Access the online checking service

Step 2: Check the photograph on the online right to work and check it is the same as the Applicant – view the employer section on the online portal

Step 3: Retain a clear copy of the online response.