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The UK Immigration laws are constantly changing and can be confusing to negotiate all of the legal hurdles to accomplish your goals.

Employers, Individuals and families are constantly seeking solutions to the ever-changing immigration legal system.

Approaching UK Immigration matters primarily can best be viewed as challenging, stressful with complicated nuances of reading between the lines, and not merely an application box filling exercise.

Instructing an Immigration Specialist can help ease the pain of the process, simplify the system and increase your chance to achieve the best results for your organisation or your family.

Our expertise is UK Immigration compliance covering Business and private immigration issues. We have many years of work in the UK immigration field which has afforded a breadth and in-depth knowledge base of a variety of applications types.

Active Immigration Solutions above all produces experienced trusted professional reliable confidential advice

We will tell you jargon free, with integrity and honesty the merits of your case, strong points and highlight any weak points. What we give our prospective clients is a frank and fair assessment of their case, chances of success and active solutions for that success.

Given our expertise in this area, we are able to address your needs and identify the best and appropriate solution within the UK Immigration laws to facilitate a smooth application process you're entry to the United Kingdom.

To us you are not a case number but a valued client, giving you support, key advice and one to one timely communication, all of which is necessary for your present and future circumstance.

Our approach gives us the dynamic to resolve matters quickly and exceed our client's expectations.

Your 8 Point Plan

How Can Active Immigration Solutions Limited Help You?

1. Analyze the facts of your case thoroughly

2. Explain all the options for which you may be eligible

3. Recommend the best ways for you to secure the appropriate legal status for the purpose of your entry to the United Kingdom

4. Complete and submit your applications correctly

5. Stay current on the new laws that affect you

6. Avoid delays and problems with your case whenever possible

7. Discuss the status of your case with you

8. Speak for you in discussions with the UK Visas and Immigration


Fee structure and transparency

We do not provide a generic service – we understand every client is different and so always provide a personalised service with solutions tailored to the client’s priorities and preferences.

Our work is charged on a simple transparent fixed fee bespoke basis,which covers disbursements such as Home Office Fees

The range our work typically consists of

1. Taking your instructions;

2. Formulate a clear understanding of your circumstances, priorities and immigration goals;

3. Develop a strategic plan covering available solutions

4. Delivering comprehensive advice covering

- application procedure

- evidence requirements

- obtaining relevant documentation from interested parties

- timelines and the outcome

- client appointments as necessary

5. Application Form preparation

6. Review all necessary supporting documents

7. Provide written representations in support of your application

8. Liasing with the Home Office

9. After the Application decision, provide written next step advice

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